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Attack Surface-based Security and Risk Management





RiskIQ solves the problem of collecting and analysing internet-scale data. We enable security teams to expand their security program outside the firewall. Our technology addresses the growing challenge of external threats targeting the enterprise, its customers and employees.

RiskIQ is designed to detect threats that corrupt the core tenets of the Internet—the principles of open standards and information sharing—to extort, scam, invade systems and infect its users. Our mission is to provide web-scale detection to the people responsible for protecting their business against the threats that exist outside of the firewall.



RiskIQ Illuminate

The RiskIQ Illuminate platform is built upon the widest breadth of data in the industry to provide the insight and automation needed to map and monitor your organisation’s internet-exposed digital attack surface, understand and mitigate exposures, and expedite external threat investigation.


riskiq External Threats

External threats are malicious campaigns and threat actors that attempt to exploit security exposures in your attack surface that exist outside the firewall. All organizations with a digital presence are exposed to external threats by attackers who attempt to impersonate your brand and official communications channels on the internet, social media, and through mobile apps.


riskiq executive guardian

RiskIQ Executive Guardian tracks what potential attackers can find about a company’s executives online and includes managed services and built-in workflow to eliminate leaks quickly. Minimize the likelihood of private data falling into the wrong hands and maintain visibility into possible security risks resulting from data exposure to better protect your executives and your company.


RiskIQ PassiveTotal

RiskIQ PassiveTotal™ expedites investigations by connecting internal activity, event, and incident indicator of compromise (IOC) artifacts to what is happening outside the firewall external threats, attackers, and their related infrastructure. PassiveTotal simplifies the event investigation process and provides analysts access to a consolidated platform of data necessary to accurately understand, triage, and address security events.


RiskIQ Digital Footprint

Your digital footprint is your company’s digital presence. Many of these assets exist, change, and are vulnerable without the knowledge of security teams. You can’t protect what you don’t know about.


riskiq sis

Security Intelligence Service (SIS). Real-time Access to Global Internet Data Sets. As cyber attacks against your organization increase, it’s more important than ever to have a cyber security program built on robust and reliable data to enrich your analysis and inform your decision-making process. RiskIQ offers the ability to ingest critical cyber security data programmatically at scale.

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“PassiveTotal quickly became a go-to source for information and context during investigations, analysis, and response. The platform provides a wealth of data and presents it in an accessible and consumable manner. It provides analysts will an environment that enables searching and pivoting, and the ability to capture and track findings over time.”

Security and Risk Management

January 10, 2019

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RiskIQ empowers CISOs to continuously visualize and defend their ever-changing attack surface. Proactively protect your company, brand, people, and data.

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