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Illusive Networks is a cyber security company at the forefront of deception technology, the most effective protection against Advanced Attacks. illusive creates an alternate reality, transparently woven into your existing network. Attackers led into this reality will be instantly identified beyond all doubt, triggering a high-fidelity alert you can act upon.

To beat an attacker you need to think like an attacker. IT looks at the network as a hierarchical map of connections. Attackers however, see a completely different picture. illusive Attacker View lets security professionals see their network from the attacker’s point of view.



Attackers land in your network, orient themselves and search for anything they can steal or exploit to make their next step toward your crown jewels.


Illusive saturates your endpoints with lightweight deceptions, altering the attackers’ perception of reality, confounding them from the outset, and triggering an alert at their first wrong move.


With Illusive, you’ve hardened your environment to resist attacker movement. When attackers get in, you detect their early moves, know how far they are from their targets, and are instantly equipped with forensic insight to stop them quickly.

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Managing the Risk of Post-Breach or “Resident” Attacks

Illusive Networks

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