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Cloud-based and Enterprise-grade Secure Network





Cato Networks connects remote locations, cloud infrastructure and the mobile workforce into a Cloud-based, secure and optimised global network.

Cato eliminates network security appliance sprawl, enforces a unified policy across all users and data and provides an affordable replacement for MPLS-based WAN.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning


The Cato Socket SD-WAN device connects a physical location to the nearest Cato PoP via one or more last-mile connections. The Socket applies multiple traffic management capabilities such as active-active link usage, application- and user-aware QoS prioritization, dynamic path selection to workaround link blackouts and brownouts, and packet duplication to overcome packet loss.


Mobile Access Optimization

Cato Cloud delivers the full range of its network and security capabilities to protect mobile users with laptops, tablets, and smartphones.


Global Private Backbone

Cato’s backbone design delivers end-to-end route optimization for WAN and cloud traffic, and a self-healing architecture for maximum service uptime.


Cloud Datacenter Integration

Cato integrates with major cloud providers, such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud with secure IPSec tunnels.


Security as a Service

Cato uses a full enterprise-grade network security stack natively built into the Cato Cloud to inspect all WAN and Internet traffic.


Cloud Application Acceleration

Cato’s built-in cloud acceleration maximises end-to-end throughput up to 20x, boosting application performance for bandwidth-intensive operations like file upload and download.


Cato Management Application

Cato provides a cloud-based and self-service management application to control the entire service.

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“Love the 6-in-1 features of Cato Networks. Having a whole of security in one platform is a joy to manage and deploy. Unlike traditional SD-WAN vendors, Cato has designed their own device from scratch which is great for people who are space conscious. From their FWaaS feature all the way to their analytics component, navigating them is easy and manageable. New Features are always implemented upon requests from customers and partners ensures that everyone wins.”

Senior Network Engineer

September 4, 2018

Gartner Insights


The Future of SD-WAN. Today.

Cato Managed Detection and Response

Cato Networks Optimised WAN and Cloud Connectivity

MPLS migration to SD-WAN

Cato enables customers to move away from expensive, rigid, and capacity-constrained MPLS networks to a combination of high-capacity Internet links and the Cato Cloud. Using Cato Socket edge SD-WAN appliances, customers boost usable capacity and improve resiliency at a lower cost per megabit. Customers with a global footprint, leverage Cato’s affordable global private backbone to replace global MPLS and the unpredictable Internet. The Cato Cloud optimizes performance and maximizes the throughput to on-premises and cloud applications.

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