BlackBerry Cylance prevents both known and unknown malware attacks pre-execution with 99.7% efficacy and provides true zero-day protection.

BlackBerry Cylance purely utilises machine learning and AI, no signatures so no interruptions for signature updates or slow scans. It offers full offline protection, simple and rapid deployment and is very lightweight (1-2% CPU) so has minimal/no interference on the endpoint.

Cylance leads the next generation of endpoint protection, disregarding the obsolete methodology of using signatures to identify malware. With a proactive stance against threats, Cylance stops malicious files by evaluating them before execution, stopping malware before it starts. Cylance doesn’t rely on definition databases for detection, eliminating the need for frequent updates with its low impact footprint and maintenance requirements.

BlackBerry Cylance Products

AI-Driven Threat Protection. Get in front of malicious cyberattacks with the data science-driven power of artificial intelligence (AI).

> AI-Driven Prevention – Field-proven AI inspects any application attempting to execute on an endpoint before it executes. True Zero-Day Prevention

> No signatures – mean less human effort to manage. Device usage policy enforcement controls which devices can be used in the environment, eliminating external devices as a possible attack vector.

> Zero-Day Payload Prevention – Eliminates the risk of an attack exploiting a zero-day from being successful.

CylanceOPTICS pushes detection and response decisions down to the endpoint, eliminating response latency.

> Prevent – AI-driven threat prevention, response, and attack mitigation stop attacks that legacy products miss while dramatically reducing alert fatigue.

> Detect – Let CylanceOPTICS discover hidden vulnerabilities in your environment. Use this insight to perform on-demand threat hunting across the enterprise. 

> Respond – React to threats at machine speed. When a threat is detected, automated playbooks can drive responses, so your system takes immediate action without requiring human intervention.

CylanceGUARD is a subscription-based managed detection and response offering that leverages our award-winning native AI platform and the 24×7 support of a world-class team of BlackBerry Cylance incident responders and prevention experts.

> Transparent, Proactive Threat Hunting – It’s hard to detect the true signal of a threat when you’re drowning in a sea of extraneous alerts. CylanceGUARD automatically validates and triages alerts, collating forensic data and converting alert noise into threat intelligence.

> Customised Mobile Visibility and Interaction – CylanceGUARD orchestrates alert notifications and analyst interactions through defined escalation tiers with an online portal and both Android and iOS platform CylanceGUARD apps.

> Automated, Rapid Response – CylanceGUARD responds dynamically to changes in your environment with AI technologies that stop file-based and fileless attacks, assess indicators of compromise, and initiate responses that prevent security threats from becoming security incidents.

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