Next-Gen CASB: Zero-Day data & threat protection, any app, any device, anywhere.

Bitglass offers multi-protocol zero-day security, DLP & Access Control, User Behavior Analytics, Zero-Day Shadow Discovery, Agentless Mobile Security, API Management & Control, CASB SSO & Identity Management and Zero-Day Threat Protection. 

Bitglass Products


> Managed apps – Bitglass provides zero-day support for any application, providing real-time data & threat protection, identity and visibility. 

> Unmanaged apps –  Bitglass’ patented-pending machine-learning approach automatically identifies new applications and learns application behaviours and leakage paths, allowing coaching, blocking and zero-day control for any existing or new application on your network. 

> Bitglass DLP – The integrated, high-performance Data Loss Prevention and access control engines identify and control the context by which applications are being accessed, as well as the data being accessed


> Bitglass Next-Gen CASB – Zero-Day agentless protection of corporate data on any device without installing agents or MDM profiles.

> Configuration and data encryption – Enforce device configuration like PIN codes and encryption, and selectively wipe corporate data on any device, without taking full control of the device.

> Paired with Bitglass’ DLP and access control – The solution offers comprehensive control and risk mitigation for any app (cloud or premises) and any device.


> Bitglass Shadow IT Discovery – The solution leverages machine-learning technologies to automatically index and classifies all cloud apps, known and unknown.

> The Bitglass cloud app index has over 100K apps, over 3X that of the competition –
Each app carries reputation rankings and security attributes.

> Stream your firewall or proxy logs to Bitglass – Allowing you to rapidly discover cloud applications used in your organisation. You can then block an application or make it “read-only” with Bitglass Zero-Day protection for unmanaged apps.

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