Pre-Sales Support

Ignition Technology offers true “value add” to its vendors and partners. Just one example of this is the pre-sales capability that is available to help you articulate a technical proposition to your customers and then be able to offer a “white-glove” approach to the demonstration and proof of value process. The pre-sales team have over 60 years of experience between them, having worked for end-users, resellers, distribution and vendors they are able to adapt to the requirements of a particular situation and guide the customer through the technical minefield that exists today.

The Pre-Sales resource is available as an extension to our vendors resource and also our partners. This helps de-risk the financial impact of training your own in-house staff until the business recognises the value in a strategic partnership. In addition to traditional pre-sales engagements, we also have a number of “Security Assessments” that take the proof of value process to the next level. For the majority of the vendors on portfolio we can provide a “Security Assessment” that quickly demonstrates time to value in a customers own environment.

For further information on engaging with our pre-sales team or our range of security assessments then please get in touch below.