Doing the same thing, what could go wrong?

In the coming weeks of this latest ransomware outbreak we can expect another hype storm from many security providers announcing that they have updated their software to defend against this strain of ransomware in future. Simply put, this is not good enough. With approximately 400,000 samples of malware created daily, the legacy signature based AV providers are not geared up to reliably secure your endpoint. The answer? Just deploy Cylance and its pioneering artificial intelligence approach to security and don’t be a victim.

Cylance Threat Guidance has validated that the current version of CylancePROTECT® prevents this new ransomware variant, as do previous CylancePROTECT models, both on and offline.


Ignition Technology can deploy CylanceProtect within minutes

If you would like a Cylance express POC, please email us at with details of your name, company and number, one of our account managers will get in touch promptly.
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