What is your role and responsibility at Okta?

I am responsible for the partner strategy for the UK and Ireland. Our partners are an integral part of creating customer value and expanding the Okta footprint. My ultimate aim is to create happy, long-standing relationships with both solution providers and technology partners.

What has been your journey to Regional Alliances Manager at Okta?

Before joining Okta, I spent 5 years at a London based CSSP, during which I worked with countless security vendors to provide the best possible solutions to my customer base. I very quickly learned the true value that a good partner can provide. I made the decision to move away from a customer facing role to join Okta and take a market leading Identity solution to our partners. These partners hold the key to scalable growth in their knowledge, relationships, experience and teams of talented people.

Can you describe a typical day in the life of a Regional Alliances Manager?

I would like to say my typical day is something along the lines of breakfast, gym, office, meetings, lunch, emails and home. In reality, it’s a bit less healthy and a lot more fun.

As Alliances manager, I am the connector between our sales team and our partners which means a lot of phone calls and a lot of meeting new people. The most important part of my day is connecting the Okta sales team with their counterparts at our partners to ensure that we are working together to give the customer the best possible experience.

So, in reality, my typical day is phone calls, enablement, question answering, making new ‘friends’, solving problems, connecting people, catching up with old ‘friends’, a few more phone calls and a few Salesforce reports to top it all off.

At Okta, we connect people with technology. Personally… I also connect people with people.

What quotation sums up your approach to business?

Teamwork is fundamental to any successful partnership. If we are all open, honest and value communication above all, we will create a strong, successful channel that’s easy to work with and produces great relationships and happy customers.

Why should partners add Okta to their portfolio of products?

Identity Access Management and security are the top priorities in any organisation and the more the market moves toward the cloud, the more vital Okta’s role will become. As market leader recognised by Gartner and Forrester, we want our partners to share our success as they take our joint message to more and more organisations. Okta is growing rapidly as a business and with our partner-centric culture, competitive discounts, referrals and services opportunities, our partners are sharing in that growth.

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